Mission Statement

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McCann FamilyGandhi said “ Be the change you want to see in the world”. And we can make that difference, it starts with awareness. The simple act of sharing an inspiration or placing a thought into someone’s mind can influence them to do things differently. Small changes and acts of kindness that we share in our every day lives amount to big differences in the lives of those we come in contact with.

I am a mom with simple dreams for my child...never lose sight of the kindness you were born with and develope strong charactor traits. In our everyday lives we are confronted with and see many forms of negative actions and bullying all around us. But I believe in the inherant good that lies buried in all of us, so I’ve made it my quest to spread the awareness on the wonder of ‘Beeing Kind’. I believe by ‘pollinating’ the world with simple words of action like ‘Bee Kind’, ‘Bee Happy’ and ‘Bee Joyful’ our ‘Bee’ is busy reproducing goodness to all who cross its path.

As a reminder and outward expression of our belief and quest to “change the world with good acts of kindess” we have created apparel that expresses our commentment of purpose. Our “Bee” shirts are placing that positive thought into the minds and hearts any many people every day.

Our products have designed to capture a first look through their pleasing artwork and font and then more so by their message and trailing quotation.  We have started our program in the school system and this past spring we were invited to worked with the Winnie Palmer Hospital.

With these simple and affordable items you can make a difference, spreading awareness, one shirt and one person at a time. With your help we can reach more people, spreading kindness and changing lives… ‘beeing’ the change we want, creating the awareness the world needs.

Bee Kind Bee Happy Bee Yourself